The National Autistic Society’s Teen Life Programme

Are you a parent or carer of a young person who is on the autistic spectrum and would like to know more about how autism is experienced by autistic teenagers?

Teen Life Leaflet – Children & Families Hub (4)

The Teen Life Parent Programme supports parents and carers of children aged 10-16 with a diagnosis of autism. Each family is allocated two places for parents and carers and a third place for a professional of their choosing (often a member of school staff such as a Teaching Assistant, Teacher or SENCO).

The programme is held over approximately six weeks, with one session per week which lasts around two and a half hours.

The programme aims to support families to:

  • Understand autism and how teens experience the world around them.
  • Develop interactions and communication with their teen.
  • Understand their teen’s behaviour.

Are you interested?

Please contact the Children & Families Hub team on 01534 519000, or email