Registration Card

Important Information for 16 year old Students

We have been asked to post the information below by the Social Security Department. It is really important that you complete this process and obtain your registration card.

The registration card shows an individual’s Social Security number, as well as their residential and employment status, and every student will need one to access employment, including holiday or part-time work.

Normally, the process to obtain a registration card is carried out through School. For obvious reasons that is not possible this year and so you are being asked to apply for a registration card via an online platform.

To complete the online form, you will first need to set up your digital ID using Yoti.

By engaging with this online process, it will prevent unnecessary delays in the future when you are looking to secure employment.

Please follow the link to complete the registration process (please note you need to be 16 to be able to do this):

Registration Card Application