Exam Pressure Solutions Programme

Do you have exams coming up that you are feeling stressed about? Don’t worry because many students these days feel the same way, and this programme can help you manage those stress levels.

High exam anxiety can affect exam performance by as much as one grade per subject, so learning how to effectively reduce exam anxiety can be a key factor in achieving the grades that you want.

Scott Eastwood is a full-time BACP Accredited School Based Counsellor who is offering the latest Exam Pressure Solutions course to be taught to small groups of students. The course runs for 5 weeks, for 1 hour per week.

Within the course, you will learn how to effectively manage exam stress and anxiety, whilst also learning various techniques and tools that you can use. Check out the website below to find out more!

Website: www.scotteastwoodwellbeing.com

Email: scotteastwoodwellbeing@outlook.com