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Need help managing finances? Need some funds to help you move on in your life?


It is not always easy to manage a budget or money, so look below if you need help handling your finances or getting extra funds to support your life.

Income Support

States of Jersey income support is for individuals who have low income and are struggling to pay bills or buy essential items.

You can apply for Income Support if you:

  • are on a low household income
  • pass the income support residence test
  • are working, looking for work or exempt from looking for work

If you are under 25, you will normally be expected to be part of your parents’ household unless you are working full-time, responsible for a child yourself or there is a reason you can’t live with them. If you are under 25 contact Social Security for more information.

Contact: 01534 444444


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Community Savings

What is Community savings?

Community Savings is a charity which is able to offer account facilities and in certain circumstances, emergency funding to Islanders who are in need of such help. These accounts are generally available to all, including those who may be blacklisted elsewhere.

It is not a bank but operates like a credit union with groups of individuals who have a common interest, you can open an account for day-to-day use along with a separate savings account in a similar way to a bank. Any money you save will earn a dividend once a year.

Opening an account

To open an account you will need to go into the office in Seale Street or contact your CIG administrator with some form of  photographic identity such as a passport or driving licence and a copy of a recent household bill in your name to confirm your address.

Once your account has been opened you will be given a passbook, paying in slips and a reference number to give to your employer or to Social Security.

They will expect you to save £5 per month towards your savings and every three months you will receive a statement so that you can keep in touch with your progress. There are Community Savings advisors available to provide guidance to those who open accounts on how to manage their monthly budgeting.

Contact: 01534 737555


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Are you thinking about going to university but not sure if you have enough money? If so check out our list of resources on different bursary schemes in Jersey.

Educational Bursaries Available for Careers in:

  • Digital
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Hospitality
  • Law
  • Music
  • Nautical
  • Others

Check out the link below or if you need support applying for a bursary pop in to YES or get in touch with us and we can help you!

Contact: 0800 7350 010

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Student Finance

Student Finance funds first time degrees. You can apply for funding if you’re a student, have an undergraduate degree or a professional qualification at a recognised institute.

You must meet certain residency and academic criteria and must not have had a loan or a financial award from another educational authority.

Contact Student Finance to find our more or if you need support applying pop in to YES and we can help you!

Contact: 01534 449450


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Brightly (formerly known as Brig-y-Don Children’s Charity) is a local charity that awards grants to children and young people from birth to 25 years, who are under the care of the Children’s Service. This includes those who: –

  • are living in residential care, foster care, or with extended family
  • have been in care (care-experienced)
  • acknowledged as being on the edge of care, being on the Child Protection Register, or being identified as a Child in Need

For children in residential or foster care (CLA) and care-experienced young people (over and above statutory funding, which should be investigated before applying to Brightly)

  • Financial or material help to encourage and assist with independence e.g., driving lessons, household items
  • Well-being e.g., doctor, dentist, optician costs, gym membership, etc
  • Education / further education or employment e.g., educational courses, work clothing, laptop/computer, and educational items such as a camera for a photography course
  • Crisis funding – food or electricity vouchers
  • Independent moving on grants (IMOGs)
  • Support for children of care experienced young people e.g., nursery placement, medical bills, essential clothing.
  • Memberships/vouchers for leisure activities, e.g., aMaizin! Adventure Park, Durrell, etc
  • 18th, 21st and 25th birthday vouchers
  • Items or goods not provided by the Government of Jersey as the Corporate Parent (e.g., laptop/computer, off-island trip) to children and young people in residential care (including those placed off-island)
  • Christmas gifts (vouchers)

For Children on the edge of care, on the Child Protection Register or a Child in Need (CIN)

  • Financial or material help and guidance to purchase pre-loved (where possible and practicable) household items
  • Wellbeing – support with medical costs not included in income support allowances
  • Education – for items, including school trips, where the lack of funding puts a child at a disadvantage
  • Crisis funding – food or fuel vouchers
  • Nursery placements – support for 10-12 hours per week at nursery may be possible, but this support is limited, and all other funding avenues need to have been previously explored before making an application
  • Memberships/vouchers for leisure activities, e.g., aMaizin! Adventure Park, Durrell, etc

The charity does not support applications for goods or services that are included in grants or benefits readily available from the Government of Jersey

Contact: 07797 890448


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