Looking for a Job?

If you are wanting to find a job but don't know where to look, then find some options below on where you can start your search.

Looking for a Job?

You may have been looking for a job for a while, or you may have just started your search. Whatever the case, have a look through some of the different options below to hopefully find something that suits you. If you need any extra support, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


This website holds a lot of general and helpful information surrounding many different areas of life and the States of Jersey.

More importantly, it has a great section dedicated to employment and finding a job.

Information Available

There is a whole host of different information available on Gov.je. This includes: careers help and guidance, Back to Work, business running, working for the States, Skills Jersey, information for young people & adults.

In all of these different sections, you should be able to find the information you are looking for.

Jobs in Jersey

There is also a whole area dedicated to jobs that are currently available in Jersey. These jobs are all sorted into different categories of work and it allows you to search by contract type, hours available and residency.

All jobs in this section will give you an overview job description, employer, closing date for applications, core skills required and how to apply.


Recommended Resources

Jersey Evening Post

The JEP online website has a section dedicated to jobs that are currently being advertised. There is also a section which gives some brief careers advice.

All the jobs being advertised are divided into sectors and can also be looked up within the job search area.

Each job will have a brief description attached, the employer and a way to get in contact or a link to their own website for more information.

Recommended Resources

JT Insight

The JT Insight website also has its own sections for jobs that are currently available. Alongside property and classifieds, jobs is one of the top categories on the website.

On the page you will find a list of all the jobs that are currently being advertised on the site. You can filter the searches via featured, date and price.

Each job entry will give a brief description, employer, terms and contact details.

Recommended Resources


Indeed.co.uk is a website dedicated to helping people find a job. Many different companies and employers put up their job advertisements on this website, allowing lots of people to find a variety of jobs.

You are able to create a free account on this website and search through lots of different available jobs. There is an option to get notified when certain jobs get posted and you can upload your CV to get sent on to potential employers.

Job Search

As the website is not just for Jersey, it is important to put down where you are and how far out you are looking for a job. It is very easy to filter what you are looking for and find something that suits you.

Each job comes with the employer name, job description and what type of contract it is. You can then click apply now which will often take you to the companies website where you will find all the information you need about the job and applying.

Recommended Resources

Other Websites


Jobs.je is a website dedicated to jobs that are being advertised within Jersey.

You are able to either search specific jobs, particular companies, certain skills or different industries.

There is the ability to view new jobs in Jersey or use the advanced job search to find something that works for you.

Park Personnel

Park Personnel is a company that focuses on helping people find jobs, either through meeting with them or searching for jobs on the site.

The site gives the ability to search through a variety of current jobs and job categories, or you can get in touch to find out more about how they can support you. This could be in the form of a meeting or just a chat over the phone.

Contact: 01534 871666 or jobs@park.je


Working in Jersey

There is also lots of information available to people who have recently moved to Jersey and looking for a job on the Jersey.com website.

You can find out what to do if you are planning on moving to Jersey, if you need a work permit and how to go about getting a job.

Recommended Resources

Recruitment Agencies

Another option for finding a job is going to a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies will work much more closely with you to help you find a job that you would like.

However, this will often come with a cost, so make sure to have a look around before going to a recruitment agency.

Most recruitment websites will show a range of jobs on offer at the moment and will also go into detail on what the company is about, how they can help you and how to get started.

Below you can find a range of different recruitment agencies available in Jersey.

Recommended Resources

In Person

Lastly a great way to find a job is to go out looking. A lot of shops, cafes and companies will advertise job vacancies within their store or office.

Take a walk through town or go round to local businesses and see what is available. Be sure to print off your CV so you can hand it out when you find something that looks good.

Make sure to not be disheartened if you don’t get a job straight away, there are always lots of people looking for a job so keep trying.

If you need any help writing up a CV you can either pop in to YES and talk to a youth worker or visit Gov.je for advice.

Recommended Resources

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